OPLA - Fabricante de Cadenas


Being a chain manufacture is what makes the difference.

We control the product from its manufacturing to its sale, from ingots or granule metal up to converting it into chains, into jewels.

We can satisfy the needs of our customers bearing many variations and being flexible regarding quantities: Sale by meters or finished chains, bracelets, anklets and necklaces.

In silver we can finish the chains in various ways: non-tarnish silver (Passivation finish), rhodium, antique or oxidased, gold plated and ruthenium.  We are specialists thanks to our extended experience and technology giving the best quality and price’s conditions.

As a manufacture that can organize its production to its convenience, we can deal better with customer’s needs, service and deliveries.

We have the best prices as we are manufactures, we don’t speculate on deducting margins to final customer.

Price should not be the most important thing for customers; a personalized advice, reliable delivery and quality, solving pressing needs swiftly, … all these type of things is what a producer can only provide.


About Us

Fabricante de cadenas

Ciudad del Ferrol, 14
+34 961 344 018


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