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Goldplating is not just putting gold on top of a surface of brass, copper, stainless steel or silver, it is a more complicated and sophisticated task.

Goldplating is a technology that combines electric, mechanic and different surface treatments until obtaining the needed specifications.

Acid and alkaline cooper, bronze, gold plating, technical and mechanic treatments on the surface, all of these made correctly will allow you to get the quality expected. We understand that quality is not the volume of gold deposited; there are many other important factors like: The adhesiveness, underseal, toughness, osmosis, gold carat, …

  • We manufacture our gold plated chains
  • We have our own galvanic bathing department for gold plating.
  • Best price. No one would offer such a good price with same quality and gold plating.

You can visit to our web site and enter to catalogues ”gold plating bracelets and chains“.


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